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The Caribbean Real Estate Guide is available worldwide in both ebook and paperback editions and is distributed to the following places:




123Doc (United Kingdom)
iScroll (United States)
24symbols (Spain)
Jelly Books (United Kingdom)
3M Cloud Library (United States)
JoDivine (United Kingdom)
36L Books (Spain)
JSTOR (United States)
Abril Digital (Brazil)
Kaplan (United States)
AcademicPub (United States)
Kno (United States)
AccessText (United States)
Knovel (United States)
ACLS Humanities (United States)
Kobo (Canada)
ACM Digital (United States)
Koorong (Australia)
Alexander Street Press (United States)
Kortext (United Kingdom)
Amazon (United States)
LearnOutLoud (United States)
Anobii (United Kingdom)
Library Ideas (United States)
Apabi (China)
Libri (Germany)
Apple® (United States)
Librisite (Mexico)
Apollo (United States)
LifeWay WORDsearch (United States)
Association of Computing Machinery (United
Lightning Source (United States)
Logos (United States)
Attributor (United States)
Login Canada (Canada)
Audible (United States)
Majesty Media Group (United States)
Audiofile Magazine (United States)
MBS Books Xplana (United States)
AudioGo (United Kingdom)
Media Control CEEBO (Germany)
Baker & Taylor Blio (United States)
Mensys (Netherlands)
Barbour (United Kingdom)
Bardowl (United Kingdom)
MyiLibrary (United States)
Barnes & Noble (United States)
My Song Media (United Kingdom)
Beam-ebooks (Germany)
NetLibrary/EBSCO (United States)
Binario Libros (Spain)
Numilog (France)
Biblesoft (United States)
oEbra (United States)
Bibliographic Data Services (United Kingdom)
OLF (Switzerland)
Bilbary (United Kingdom)
OliveTree (United States)
Apple iBooks
BlueBottle Biz (Spain)
On The Dot (South Africa)
Bolinda (Australia)
OverDrive (United States)
The Book People (United Kingdom)
Ovid-Formax (United States)
BookGlutton (United States)
Oyster (United States) (Australia)
Paddle (United Kingdom)
Bookish (United States)
PageFoundry (United States)
Bookmanager (Canada)
Paper C (Germany)
BookNet Biblioshare (Canada)
PDH Streamlined (United States)
BookRepublic (Italy)
PlayAway (United States)
BookRiff (United States)
Portico (United States)
Books-a-Million (United States)
Project Muse/UPCC (United States)
Books 24×7 (United States)
Premier Audiobooks (United States)
Bookshare (United States)
ProQuest Literature Online/Ebrary
BooksOnBoard (United States)
Bowker (United States)
ProQuest Serials Solutions Ebrary
Campus E-books (Canada)
(United States)
Canadian Electronic Library (Canada)
PubMatch (United States)
Casa Del Libro (Spain)
Publidisa (Spain)
Catalist (United States)
Questia (United States)
Chapitre (France)
R2 (United States)
Chegg (United States)
Read How You Want (Australia)
Christian Book Distributors (United States)
ReadCloud (Australia)
Ciando (Germany)
Recorded Books (United States)
Cinram (United States)
Reference Tree (United Kingdom)
Copia (United States)
Rethink Books (United States)
CourseLoad (United States)
Royalty Share (United States)
CourseSmart (United States)
SAE International (United States)
CreateSpace (United States)
Safari (United States)
Credo Reference (United States)
Savant Learning Systems(USA)
Cupid’s Books (United States)
Scholar’s Portal (Canada)
Cyberlibris (France)

Scribd (United States)
Dawson (United Kingdom)
ScrollMotion (United States)
DeVry (United States)
SharedBook (United States)Dial-A-Book (United States)
Simply Audiobooks (United States)
Diaz de Santos (Spain)
SONY (Japan)
Diesel (United States)
Spoken Ink (United Kingdom)
Digitpub SRL (Italy)
Small Demons (United States)
DiViBib GmBH (Germany) (Japan)
DNL (Australia)
Stanford’s CLOCKSS (United States)
Douglas County Libraries (United States)
Tecarta (United States)
DownloadIT (United States)
Textunes (Germany)
DTI (Canada)
Total Boox (Israel)
eBookPie (United States)
Txtr (Germany) (Australia)
Thomson Reuters (United States) EBL (Australia)
Universe Digital Library (USA)
Ebrary/ProQuest (United States)
University Readers (United States)
EBSCO/NetLibrary (United States)
UP4B (United States)
eCarrel (United States)
Valobox (United Kingdom)
eChristian (United States)
Versita (United Kingdom) (United States)
VitalSource (United States)
Ellibs (Finland)
Weightless Books (United States) (Portugal)
W.F. Howes (United Kingdom)
Examville (United States)
Wheelers (New Zealand)
ExLibris (Italy)
Woodslane (Australia)
Feedbooks (France)
Word Australia (Australia)
Firsty Works (United Kingdom)
Xeriph (Brazil)
FlipKart (India)
YouScribe (France)
Flooved (United Kingdom)
Zinio (United States
Follett CafeScribe (United States)
Follett K-12 (United States)
Gale (United States)
Gardners (United Kingdom)
Google (United States)
GoSpoken/Mobcast (United Kingdom)
Grand Canyon (United States)
iGroup (China)
IHS (United States)
Immateriel (France)
Impelsys (India)
Integra (United States)