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Purchasing a Piece of Paradise

From $12,000 timeshares to multi-million dollar villas

Waves lap gently against the sand as the sun rises above the horizon and floods your bedroom with light.  You sip a glass of fresh squeezed mango juice before taking an early morning dip in the tranquil waters of the Caribbean.  Returning to your villa the marble floor cools your feet as you sit down to a breakfast of fresh juice, coffee, coconut bread and fruit.  The start of another day in paradise!

Barbados can honestly claim to be the island that has everything under the sun. The most easterly of the Caribbean islands, its 166 square miles of forests, cliffs, fishing villages, wildlife, nightlife, and of course beaches, are pounded by the relentless power of the Atlantic on the east, brushed by the Caribbean on the west and caressed everywhere by the sun.

If your idea of a holiday is lying on the sand with a Pina Colada by your side, Barbados has numerous white sand beaches, and is home to some of the best rum anywhere.  But, if you have a taste for adventure, you can strap on a scuba tank, head out into the ocean, and discover miles of coral reef teeming with an incredible array of sea life and shipwrecks.  If you prefer to be on the water as opposed to under it, Barbados has some of the best sailing in the Caribbean with southeasterly trade winds to carry you across the water.  And if sailing is a little too sedate there’s always jet skiing, parasailing, sport fishing and surfing.

Unlike many other islands, Barbados is more than just sea and sand.  Rent a car or bike, hire a taxi, or take a local bus and discover a land rich in history, culture and an abundance of wildlife, beauty and nature.  From the rugged beauty of the north to lush fields and forests in the centre and sugar cane fields in the south, from five-star resorts on the west coast to historic plantation and chattel houses spread throughout the island.  From local potteries to world-class golf courses, from hiking through a silent forest to speeding along trails on an ATV, this small island is constantly changing and constantly surprising.  And, if you get lost?  Pull out your map and before you know it, someone is sure to stop and give you directions!

Surrounded by miles of magnificent white sand beaches, protected by coral reefs and brushed by the constant breeze of the trade winds, Barbados is a swimmer’s paradise.  The west coast beaches are calm and lapped by the Caribbean.  The south coast has small to medium waves great for wind surfing and boogie boarding, while the southeast coast has big waves and is only suitable for strong swimmers.  Pounded by the Atlantic Ocean the east coast has dangerous undercurrents, and most beaches are NOT safe for swimming.  The north coast is rocky and mostly inaccessible to swimmers.

Because of its location, tropical storms and hurricanes common to other Caribbean islands generally miss Barbados. The rainy season runs from June to October and the average time between direct hurricane hits is 26.6 years.

After a few days in this tropical paradise, many visitors thoughts turn to the idea of staying here permanently.  Barbados is home to some of the most magnificent properties to be found anywhere.  There is a broad range of properties available, from seventeenth century plantation houses to brand new luxury villas, condominiums and budget apartments.  With timeshares starting at about $12,500US to luxury villas running to millions of dollars, Barbados has something for everyone.

The island has been recognized by the United Nations as having the highest quality of life anywhere in the developing world.  A stable U.S. dollar based currency, social and political stability, a low crime rate, a growing economy, world class telecommunications, a well educated and skilled labour force, an excellent health care system, a good road network, dependable public utilities and great weather all year round make it a favorite destination for everyone from budget travellers to rock stars and royalty.

Buying real estate in Barbados is not difficult but there are things you need to be aware of. For a complete guide to buying and selling real estate in Barbados order a copy of the Caribbean Real Estate Guide (Available soon).