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A Beach For Every Day Of The Year

Antigua beaches are all open to the public, and there are 365 of them.  Although only 14 miles long the beaches of Antigua are some of the best in the Caribbean.  So, if you’re planning on retiring or taking a sabbatical you could do a lot worse than visiting Antigua and taking a year and visiting a different beach every day.

If you’re a sailor, even better Antigua is a celebrated sailing destination, with numerous safe harbours, coves and steady trade winds. Guided only by winds and currents you can sail round the island stopping at whatever beach you the wind takes you.  Antigua is a major yachting center and every year hosts one of the world’s major yachting competitions where thousands of sailors from around the world meet to see, be seen, and test their skills.

Antigua beaches are accessible by land or sea, and the coral reef that surrounds the island, makes them safe for even the most timid swimmer.

Some of the most well known Antigua beaches are Carlisle beach, in the south; Half Moon Bay, perhaps the most beautiful of Antigua beaches, and Darkwood Beach, with its cooling breezes and crystal blue waters, Darkwood is a great beach for snorkelling.

Most of the beaches are graced with fine white sand that stretches to the blue water and lapped by gentle white surf.  Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family outing, snorkeling along the shoreline, or diving on the coral reefs you’ll find the perfect beach in Antigua.  Deserted or attached to a bustling resort, take a picnic and don’t see another soul all day, or party, party, party, with water sports, bars and restaurants, Antigua beaches will fulfill your every fantasy.

And if the 365 Antigua beaches are not enough to keep you content, Antigua offers plenty of other alternatives – golf, sailing, bars, restaurants, casinos and nightlife will keep your days and nights full.